Cream of “fill in the vegetable” Soup Strikes Again!

I love soup.  It’s one of those things you can make as a vegetarian and no one feels like they’re missing out.  It’s also now closely associated with warm the companionship of friends.  My husband’s family, growing up, was a military family, which frequently meant being away from family at the holidays.  Since there were […]

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Spider-Man Yarn

I am going to give up on apologizing for long lapses in posts.  This time, my excuse is very good… Just a career change and move slowing me down.  But never fear, I still find time for crafting. Last month, during Christmas break, I took the kids into downtown Greensboro to visit a local yarn […]

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My Other Food Project

So the last few posts have been about my photography project for my mother’s cookbook.  But that is a recent project.  One that I have been working on for much longer is compiling a collection of medieval vegetarian recipes as a resource for SCA cooks.  So far I have mostly been fishing them out of […]

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Mechanical Monstrosity

  A couple months ago my husband did some computer work for some acquaintances of ours.  Knowing that I was somewhat crafty, she offered him her old embroidery machine in exchange for his work.  My husband doesn’t know much about these sorts of things, (nor in fact, did I) but she seemed eager to get […]

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