Capstone Planning

For my capstone project I wanted to create an immersive experience and experiment with Unity’s terrain building features. The emotional theme for this game is “serenity”. I settled on a simple step counting game where users could explore an environment and by “spending” accumulated steps, they can add features to the environment.

Features and Dependencies:

3D Models + Assets

  • Landscape models

  • Vegetation- I would like to create a beautiful scene with grass and trees and atmospheric effects, but I am not sure how much I can push the envelope an maintain a good frame rate.

  • Water effects

  • Pastoral village

  • Skybox
  • Thematic Music

  • Environmental Sounds
  • Animals

  • Day/Night cycle with blended skybox

Game Loop

  • Walk in place algorithm
  • Calibration phase to set step sensitivity
  • Purchase mechanic
  • Flocking algorithm
  • Navigation mesh


Planned Achievements


  1. Scale achievement: Trees, rocks and buildings appropriately scaled (100)
  2. Animation achievement: Create animation for bird in bird flocks (100)
  3. Lighting achievement: Use a mix of baked and real-time lighting (100)
  4. Locomotion achievement: Develop walk in place mechanic (100)
  5. Physics achievement: Water effects utilize physics, maybe throwing stick for a dog? (100)


  1. Gamification achievement: Player purchases environment enhancements using steps (250)
  2. AI achievement: Birds will flock when scared out of tree. (250)
  3. 3D Modeling achievement: Create low poly bird model (250)


  1. User Testing achievement: (250)x2


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